Drone Structure Assessments & Picture Packages

We specialize primarily in Custom Exterior Sidings but we employ unique inspection methods that not only make us unique, but also multi-faceted in the services we provide.

Elite M & D Homes Ltd. uses advanced drone technology for assessing and inspecting the exteriors of structures. We can view things that otherwise would require costly and time consuming work climbing ladders, escalators or laying out cables.

Being able to assess and inspect a structure without needing to take our feet off the ground in such detail gives us many advantages over our competitors and also allows us to take breathtaking images of before and after the project.

We use specialized drones with high resolution cameras and we can provide picture packages that can help you sell a piece of real estate or to document the exterior design or restoration of your property.

Our imaging with our drones also allows us to visualize your potential Custom Siding / Exterior Design before we start a project so you can get a very good idea of what the end result will look like by drawing from a picture of your home.

Contact Us today for an easy quote, we have assessed structures all over the Lower Mainland!