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Elite M & D Homes Ltd. are your go-to Exterior Siding experts. We specialize in Siding with a vast selection of Materials & Styles with an eye for creating Custom Siding & Custom Exterior Renovation with our experienced, fully qualified staff and expansive selection of Materials.

We inspect the condition & integrity of the exteriors of structures using specialized, professional drones outfitted with high resolution cameras that we use to take images from the ground. We have helped create dozens of structures more aesthetically pleasing with our unbeatable selection & skill with Exterior Siding

Our methods prove to be safer, quicker and vastly more cost effective; especially for large and elaborate structures. Our unique, more convenient inspection method also allows us to visualize for you what your new Custom Siding and or New Exterior Design would look like with before & after pictures for every project we do.

We offer Picture Packages of your structure before and after the project that can be used in helping you sell a property or to document the development.

Elite M & D Homes Ltd. has completed dozens of Custom Siding projects, Exterior Finishing projects & Exterior Renovations including retouching original designs and creating entirely new exteriors across the Sea to Sky Corridor, Fraser Valley & Lower Mainland.

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Clients Say

  • It was an absolute pleasure having the crew of Elite M&D Homes Ltd. working on our house last year. They came to do the siding, and went above and beyond; building a shelter around our power meters at the side of the house right out of the goodness of their hearts. These power meters were in the way and difficult, nearly impossible to work around with new siding, so they built a shelter around them! It looks incredible.

    They don’t see problems, they see solutions. Their crews were extremely courteous, professional, and one of the hardest working crews I have seen. I would highly recommend them to friends, family, and anyone looking for exterior siding services.

    Brandon Gray & Helen Song

  • I had the pleasure to have this company do multiple jobs at my home and the property I worked for. All I can say is I recommend Elite M & D Homes Ltd. 100%.

    I would give them 5 stars in all aspects. They are amazing to deal with, have fabulous communication, are reliable and prompt to detail. They listen to your needs and they have great experience and taste!

    Antonio Salgado

  • Elite M & D Homes Ltd. Are a great business to work with. They were very helpful with the design of the exterior of our home and went the extra mile to make sure everything went smooth. Crews were helpful, professional and on-time.

    I would highly recommend this company.

    Matt Nerreter

  • It has been a year since you guys completed a large portion of the exterior building of my home. I thanked you guys then and I just wanted to thank you guys again. We have had so many compliments on the house and everybody talks about the siding that you guys did.

    Thanks again Elite M & D Homes Ltd. you did an AMAZING job!


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